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Letter of Recommendation – Format, Tips and Sample

While you wish to enrol yourself in various universities abroad, there are certain documents required, like application forms, passport, an SOP (Statement of Purpose), academic transcripts, an LOR (Letter of Recommendation), standardised study abroad exam scores, proof of financial resources, and so on.

This blog is all about the Letter of Recommendation (LOR), its format, tips you need, a sample to get an idea of how to write one, and so on. Read on to learn everything you need to know about a LOR and how to write an effective one to get yourself enrolled at your dream institution. 

What is a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?  

LOR is a letter that recommends a student, colleague, co-worker or employee. When issued to a student, this letter will help the admissions committee know and understand more about the applicant, which paves the way for enrollment procedures. In short, this is the document that showcases the most impactful information and positives about the applicant from the point of view of their guide/ mentor/ supervisor/superior/faculty. 

How to Write a Good Recommendation Letter

The recommendation letter should follow certain guidelines to captivate the reader. As it’s a document that is crucial for one’s future, maintaining the correct format of a recommendation letter is very important. Moreover, these guidelines will give detailed information about the applicant and the importance of the recommendation letter. So before you get someone to write your letter of recommendation, ensure to include the below-mentioned elements. 

The First Paragraph: 

The beginning of the recommendation letter should explain the relationship between the referee and the student. This paragraph should contain small details about the referee, like the profession and/or area of expertise. It should also clearly mention how long the referee has known about the student and in what depth. 

The Two Following Paragraphs:

The next two paragraphs are all about the evaluation of the student from the perspective of the referee. There should be a line or two explaining why the referee thinks that the candidate is apt for the course. The adjacent paragraphs should slightly mention the achievements, which can be academic or otherwise. If it mentions skills, expertise, or accomplishments, it’s necessary to back the claims with examples.

The Final Paragraph:

The concluding paragraph should sum up the reasons for recommending the candidate for the university programme. Besides all of these, you should ensure that your letter of recommendation is formatted and aligned correctly with the right spacing and paragraph breaks.     

Types of LOR You Should Know

Academic Recommendation Letter:

The academic recommendation letter is for students who are in the middle of their admissions process. The student can ask for recommendation letters from their former teachers, principals, trainers, deans, and any educational professionals who are familiar with the student’s academic expertise and extracurricular activities. 

Most universities demand at least two or three letters of recommendation during the admissions procedure. 

Employment Recommendation Letter:

The employment recommendation letter is an effective way of getting yourself appointed. It includes work performance, employment history, work ethic, and individual achievements. Former or current employers or direct supervisors are most likely to write this letter. Even coworkers can write recommendation letters, but one from your employer or supervisor is preferred. 

Sample Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Format

You can use the below letter of recommendation example format for your education or employment needs.

11 August 2023


Dear Admissions Committee, 

As a professor of (subject) at (name of institution) in   Bengaluru, it’s an immense pleasure to recommend (student’s name) a final year BBA (name of course) student for the reputable (name of prospective course) course offered by the (university’s name), (location of university). I’m a qualified (position) in the (subject) with (number) years of experience in imparting knowledge to students. I have known (name of student) for at least 3 years. (Name of student)’s impartial understanding and curiosity in studying have helped evolve him/her into a promising student as well as a helping hand for classmates. 

He/She always amazed the faculty with his/her skills, both academically and extracurricularly. He/She is very keen to hear feedback and takes enough initiative to improve himself/herself to excel in as many areas as possible. (Add an example to support this claim.) The one quality that is worth mentioning is his/her willingness to help his/her peers as much as possible. 

(Student’s name) has represented our institution at the college and state level (competition name). Not only did he/she participate, but also made our college proud in all the areas where he/she knows how to shine. For the undergraduate project, he/she worked on the (topic). The way he/she presented this theme was excellent, including all the relevant data to make the project one of the best. He/She was always interested in organising new events at our college and volunteered without hesitation.

His/Her confidence, enthusiasm, kindness, self-discipline and inquisitive mind will ensure ongoing success in a brighter future. I heartily endorse (student) for the (course name) that your institution is offering, and I wish the best for him/her. 

Thanks and regards, 



Email address

Phone number       

Do’s and Don’ts When Writing a Professional Letter of Recommendation

LOR Do’s

  1. Always choose the right person to write a recommendation letter for you.
  2. It’s more advisable to choose a referee who has known you for a long period of time. The LOR will be significantly strong if you have a referee who can mention your academic, non-academic and professional achievements. 
  3. The referee should be given adequate time to draft the LOR. If you can, spend quality time with the referee, which helps in creating an outline that can align perfectly with the course or profession you are applying for.
  4. The letter should be written in simple and crisp English to catch the attention of the readers. Grammatical errors must be avoided. 
  5. The skills, abilities, and accomplishments in the LOR should match your course or profession. 
  6. If skills have been added, they will be appreciated more when supporting details or documents are also present. 
  7. All of the information mentioned in the LOR should be authentic and genuine. 
  8. Ensure factual accuracy and add data to support those claims. 
  9. If there is a word limit in the LOR, adhere to it. 
  10. Follow the specified format and font while writing the LOR.  

LOR Don’ts

  1. Never try to write LOR on your own using somebody else’s image. It will be considered illegal. 
  2. Don’t try to get a recommendation letter from a person who doesn’t know anything about you, such as your educational or professional accomplishments.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute to send the letter of recommendation to the institution. 
  4. The content should be plagiarism-free. Only use the content from the web for reference. 
  5. The skills and achievements mentioned in the LOR should not be exaggerated. 

Overseas education or profession demands a recommendation letter, and it is important to make the letter as perfect as possible. It is actually a huge step towards your future accomplishments, so drafting it in a catchy format is a must. If you are having any trouble writing an LOR, it’s best to follow all the tips and tricks mentioned in the blog.  

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FAQs Related to LOR Application

Do you need a letter of recommendation to study abroad?

The letter of recommendation is essential for students who are planning to study abroad. It’s a way to get an overall understanding of the applicant’s academic achievements. 

Who provides a letter of recommendation for students?

A teacher or a school principal writes a letter of recommendation for students in a way that can prove the student’s capabilities and support their academic and career aspirations. 

Can students write their own letters of recommendation?

LOR written on your own or using somebody else’s signature is considered illegal.

Can I study abroad without an LOR?

Not all universities abroad ask for an SOP or an admission essay, but nearly everyone asks for a LOR or a letter of recommendation.