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Study in Germany

Germany – Eastern European country known for its quality, innovation and history. The 3rd largest economy falling behind the US and China (KPMG: June ‘24) in the world is the largest in Europe. From quality education to culture and sport, Germany offers a unique experience for students aspiring to improve their skills especially in the STEM fields.

Students in Germany can tap the quality and innovative economy of the country to learn and network while being inspired by the art, architecture, culture, history and getting their heartbeat raised through various sporting events both national and international. 



Largest City


Official Languages



Federal State and Parliamentary Democracy


3,57,592 km2


84.57 million

Why study in Germany?

● More than 400 higher education institutions offer varied programs in the field of science, technology, healthcare and management, with around 1800 programs taught in English.
● Options to study at Public universities at extremely lower costs or for free.
● Internationally recognized and high quality degree programs offered at higher education institutes with excellent reputation and in a flourishing economy
● Study in the land of Albert Einstein, Johannes Kepler, Angela Merkel, Hugo Boss, Karl Marx, Beethoven, Bach, Bundesliga, Volkswagen, BMW, Benz, Adidas, Puma, and Oktoberfest.
● Higher job opportunities for skilled migrants from Non-EU countries.
● 18 months visa to seek employment after graduation from a German institution.
● Studying in Germany can be a great opportunity to learn the local language and make international and local friends.

Higher Educational Institutions in Germany

The major type of higher education providers includes the Universities – that are research focused, Universities of Applied Sciences – bodies that focus more on the applications of the learning and Academies of Arts, Music and Films catering to specific student needs. The education providers can also be broadly divided into Public (Government funded) Universities and the Private Universities, the former offering free or highly economical study options, while the later charging a higher tuition fee.

Type of Programs

Based on the Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen (DQR), the basic level of education is Bachelor, followed by Masters and a PhD qualification. It is to be noted that the German education system requires 13 years of learning before the student can be considered for admissions to a Bachelors in the country

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