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Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Australia – An Island country also referred to as the Land Down Under due to its geographical location is an amazing place to immerse in studies while experiencing varied natural beauty. The scenic country is best suited for creatively active and academically driven individuals.



Largest City


Official Languages



Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy


7,692,024 km2


25.69 million

Education in Australia

Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. The country spends more on education (as a percentage of GDP) compared to the OECD average, and is the second highest among G-8 countries. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is well-regarded in business, government and academic circles around the globe. Education is a provincial responsibility under the Canadian constitution, which means there are significant differences between the education systems of the different provinces. However, education is important to Canadians, and standards across the country are uniformly high.

Why study in Australia?

  • Australian Education is considered world-class and hence accepted across the world for further education or  employment
  • Australian universities are consistently ranked higher in the world with a balanced international-student ratio.
  • Australia has a multicultural spirit and readily welcomes international students and has a lower crime rate making it a safe choice for studies and living
  • Australian Universities along with theoretical teaching also focus largely on imparting practical knowledge which in turn makes the graduate ready for the market/employment
  • Being an economically advanced country, many cities of Australia are voted to be the best liveable cities and this indeed reflects in their quality of education, healthcare, government services, transport, etc.
  • Australia is an innovative country driving technology up and beyond the horizons and thus is ranked 1st in technological readiness and 5th for global entrepreneurship.
  • 65% of the women in Australia participate in the workforce, thus bridging the gender gap and promoting women’s empowerment.
  • It is a place not just for studies, but for those looking for adventure, cultural immersion, work-life balance, sporting activities and life-long relationships.
  • Students also benefit from the various stay-back options after graduation.   

Higher Educational Institutions in Australia

The higher education providers in Australia range from Universities (public and private), International University branches, University Colleges, and Institutions of Higher Education. The entry requirements highly depend on the choice of university.

Type of Programs

As per the Australian Qualification Framework, students can opt to choose from Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master and Doctorate based on the qualification completed by the student. It is mandatory that one studies a minimum of 2 years to be eligible for a post-study work permit.