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Dubai – One of the major Middle Eastern destinations and Emirate – The land of dreams and innovation; the land where the only constant is change. High rise buildings to tech projects, Dubai has grown to be a hub of scientific research, innovation and foreign investment with a projected growth and varied opportunities.

Official Languages



Federal Constitutional Monarchy


4,114 km2


3.1 million

Why study in Dubai?

● Dynamic and thriving environment
● Highly multicultural leading to global networks
● Presence of globally renowned international universities offering English taught programs and pathway options to many destinations
● Highly welcoming community that encourages educational excellence
● Brimming with employment opportunities in various sectors and an upcoming destination
● High quality education and learning facilities
● Large expatriate network and opportunities for entrepreneurship
● No culture shock compared to other traditional destinations
● Smoother and faster visa process – No financial documents required
● Flexible entry requirements

Higher Educational in Dubai

Students can opt to pursue Bachelors, Masters or a Doctoral degree from Public or Private universities approved by the Knowledge and the Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai

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