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Study in Finland

Finland – The Northern European country bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia is not just known for northern lights, but it also offers high quality education and high standards of living through excellent public service and providing safe space and clean environment.



Largest City


Official Languages

Finnish & Swedish


Unitary Parliamentary Republic


3,38,462 km2


5.5 million

Why study in Finland?

● Economical fee structure and cost of living – The happiest country in the world
● High standards of living and world class and innovative education system
● 2 years stay back
● English taught programs
● Beautiful, clean and safe country for international students
● Research and practice intensive teaching and learning
● Land of Santa Claus, birthplace of Angry Birds, Clash of clans, Nokia and Metal Bands like the Children of Bodom and Apocalyptica

Higher Educational Institutions in Finland

Broadly classified into Universities and the Universities of Applied Sciences, the former is research intensive and the latter caters to the working life needs or is more on the learning by doing side. Finland boasts 14 Universities and 24 universities of applied sciences

Type of Programs

Finland offers programs at the Bachelors level (180 to 240 credits over a period of 3 to 4 years), Masters level (minimum of 2 years duration covering 180 credits), Licentiate degree (junior doctorate) and Doctorate which forms the final level of studies

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